1. kilofox#CB's Avatar
    I have been looking around at DM's plist files located in Library/Application Support/Blackberry Desktop.

    I am hoping to find a easy way to load a OS locally on the Mac.

    One plist file I found, BlackBerryDesktopDeviceModel.plist, had some rather interesting settings. Maybe with a little manipulation, loading an OS locally (.428 in my case for the Storm 9550) could happen.
    01-03-10 05:07 PM
  2. gregschraw's Avatar
    There's also some interesting stuff inside DM's package contents (Applications > Control+Click DM's icon > Show Package Contents). I noticed a vendor.xml file while I was poking around in there one day.
    01-05-10 03:02 AM
  3. broken_chaos's Avatar
    The vendor.xml in BlackBerry Desktop Manager.app is essentially empty. There's much more interesting, but entirely unrelated to forcing OS loading, information in some of the other files.

    In the .plist kilofox mentioned initially, there are references to what appears to be Bluetooth synchronisation, including a field for the Bluetooth address of the device as well as boolean fields for enabling 'wireless sync' of contacts, calendars, tasks, and memos.

    If you dig through the BBDM binary file a bit, you can find some references to the currently-not-working PIN synchronisation, as well as group/category synchronisation.
    01-05-10 03:42 PM