1. rider997's Avatar
    I'm wondering what other people do in order to get around the horrible functionality of BB Desktop Manager (for Mac) and its inability to actually sync the device calendars on the BB (associated with each email account) to a corresponding calendar in iCal.

    I sync my BB with a machine at work and a machine at home. Unsurprisingly, I have a work email and personal email associated with my BB, and thus two calendars.

    The problem, as everyone with multiple calendars surely knows, is that if you create two events on your BB- one on your joe@work.com email, and another event on your joe@home.net email, then you sync to the desktop, both events will get flattened into the same destination calendar, which turns everything into a mess.

    What's worse about this is that when I sync again, the event that used to be on the joe@home.net calendar, and was moved into another calendar on the desktop, gets duplicated onto the BB on another calendar.

    This also makes it impossible to efficiently share an iCal calendar at work because it gets littered with personal events.

    Seeing that Palm had no problems doing this 15 years ago (keeping in mind that they had their own sync program and database of course), I would THINK that it must be doable today (regardless of some of the mindlessness of Apple Sync Services).

    At any rate, until RIM can get it working properly, how do people work around this annoying problem?
    05-29-10 10:48 AM
  2. JerseyDriver's Avatar
    Yes, have some.

    That being said, no way that I know of. Ridiculous along with crappy and sad.
    05-29-10 05:37 PM