1. StormDiva's Avatar
    I have Google Sync running between my MacBook Pro and my Storm. I would like to know if changes I make on the Mac side (both iCal and contacts) will upload into Google automatically or do I need to make changes only in the Google calendar and contacts? It seems when I add something to my iCal, it doesn't automatically go into the Google calendar, therefore it never reaches my Storm. Does it need to be entered into one of the Google-specific calendars on the left side of the iCal screen?

    05-11-09 10:31 PM
  2. digitalb0y's Avatar
    Google GCalDaemon. It's you're friend. Alternatively you can set up a webdav site if you have server space and sync to it from iCal and syng GCal to your webdav calendar.
    05-12-09 07:20 AM