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    Hi all.

    Been a Mac'er for 25 years now. Just got the BB 8330 in late September. Have used Missing Sync for Pocket PC phones in the past, and this BB, and hated it (inconsistent and has a quirkiness all its own), have tried the BB Manager, hate it, tried PocketMac version and can tolerate it.

    Doggone Smartphones are pretty stupid sometimes.

    I've been messing with the 8330 lately trying to work around the primitive syncing with PocketMac, at least for photos and music.

    here's what I've discovered, and some of you have probably already posted here about this. But I'm new here so sorry for any repetition.

    So I'm using a MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz with 4 GB memory and the latest version of Snow Leopard (10.6.2).

    Today I plugged in my BB 8330 and its icon came up on my desktop. I went in and dragged out (trashed) some photos and mp3 files I had earlier synced into it with PocketMac. I did not use PocketMac or any sync app.

    Then I dragged some new photos into the BB photo folder and dragged some mp3 and mp4 files from my iTunes library into the music folder on the BB.

    worked perfectly and allowed me to switch out old for new without syncing a dang thing.

    I don't use the BB calendar, thing's too small to read anyway. And syncing contacts rarely works, no matter which sync app I've tried. In fact, I just recently updated the BB OS to the latest version available, and the update erased most of my contacts in my address book.

    Nice job Blackberry.

    anyway, I'll be in this forum and see what's new and what will make life easier, and will share what I find out as well.
    12-05-09 02:17 PM