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    1) BB Desktop can find and back up my old 8300 - good

    2) BB Desktop wont start the device transfer procedure by starting with my old 8300. Hitting start button does nothing (DO I NEED BOTH CONNECTED BY USB AT THE SAME TIME?) - bad

    3) BB Desktop wont / cant find my new 8900 (the handset screen keeps asking do I want to allow mass storage - I have set that to YES. - bad

    PocketMac to the rescue? Well sort of but I may have to wipe the handset and start over again as I have managed to get my whole address book of 3,000+ contacts DUPLICATED on my BB and I know I am probably just one step away from getting all that duplicated on my Mac too..

    Oh and the calendar has some wacky very old dates placed in this month

    Usual boring old tale for this forum I know, but any insight appreciated, especially info for the 8900 / Mac combination.

    Thanks in advance BB comrades..
    01-23-09 06:25 AM