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    so iv spent about 4 hours trying to figure out why pocket mac is not working anymore, and i have finally after 4 months fixed it

    Here are some steps you can perform to make sure the new patch is installed correctly:

    1. Please unplug your BlackBerry and count to 60 seconds. This allows the
    driver to completely release. (Likely, the driver wasn't released last time you tried installing the patch, so the new one didn't install correctly.)

    2. Please open Finder, and locate the following folder: MacintoshHD/System/Library/Extensions/.

    3. Within the "Extensions" folder, you will see a list of .kext files. scroll down the very long list, and locate the two files that start with "BlackBerry" files.

    4. Please remove both of these files from your Mac: "BlackBerry.kext" and "BlackBerryUSBDev.kext". You will need your Apple Administrator user account password to remove these files from the Extensions folder. After you do so, empty your trash, please.

    5. If you have not done so already, or if you have deleted the file, please download the
    DriverUpdate.dmg from here, using the instructions above again to download and install the patch: you can get it on the blackberry website

    6. After you've finished the installer/driver package, please restart your Macintosh.

    7. Finally, plug-in your BlackBerry handheld, then launch PocketMac for BlackBerry. The PocketMac Sync Manager should now be able to find your BlackBerry.

    *and if you have a microsd on your phone make sure you mount it on to your mac, it didnt work for me the first time cause i didnt mount the sd, and make sure before you plug in the usb to your phone just do a simple battery pull

    i hope this helps it helped to finally and all my contacts and emails are finally on my mac
    04-29-09 06:34 AM
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    this should work for all new Blackberries including the storm, bold and 8900
    04-29-09 06:35 AM