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    I'm currently on an iphone and planning to move back to blackberry...

    Just a few simple questions ... I'm using a Mac Book Pro and plan to get a bold 9700 tomorrow... will use DM to sync.

    1. In my Mac Address book, i have several contacts that have 2 mobile numbers - 2 or 3 work numbers ... 2 or 3 pager numbers. Will all that get synced to the blackberry contact database? I mean will i see 2 or 3 work or 2 /3 mobile numbers for that particular contact?

    2. I've set up my mac book address book with a field "categories". Does it sync that as well?

    3. Finally - will my all day events ... such as birthday's get synced ... i have a problem with the iphone that for all day events, it does not sound any alarm or alert. If i sync my blackberry with a mac, i think that should not happen right?

    and finally,

    4. I have a picture for several contacts in my address book - do they get synced..?

    Thanks for the help..

    If any of the above is a problem, then does it help if i sync my contacts / notes with google and then sync google with blackberry ...? i've no idea how it works .. never tried it.... any help or guidance would be sincerely appreciated...
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    Hi Hari,

    As far as I can tell, all your questions should be no issue for your mac. I have Bold 9000 and a Macbook for home and a PC for work and the Berry syncs all my stuff nicely- contacts, calendars, pics, etc. The Mac is actually way easier to work on in regards to contacts etc- just drag & drop pics into the contacts and no hassles, unlike my pc. I have lots of contacts w/ multiple emails and ph#s and no loss of info there. The Desktop manager is easy to use- it even syncs with your itunes. If you want to have pictures on your BB, you can just drag the photos out of iphoto and drop them into your media card, which shows up on your desktop as an external hard drive when the BB is connected to the Mac. Have fun!
    02-05-10 02:47 AM
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    Thank you for the reply.. i just got my new bold 9700.

    1. Address book :
    a Contact numbers - all sync'd ... all ok.
    b Categories - NOPE - dont sync ... is there any way out of this?
    c Contact pics - all ok

    2. Calender - all ok - have to check if it sounds the alarm for full day events..

    3. Groups - they too dont sync .. anyway, i have just a few groups.. so i can manually add them..

    02-05-10 06:35 AM
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    RE: categories. I've never used a mac to sync, but I believe that you'll have to manually go thru your address book to do catergories/groups. Under contacts, press blackberry (menu) key and choose filter (from your device). add/edit from there
    02-05-10 06:48 AM