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    Sorry all if this is a repost, if it is just let me know and i will delete it.

    I got my Tour yesterday and tried to sync it to my mac via PocketMac. I got this error 1 - skipping and said it was unable to sync. After some searching I found this KB on BB's community forum so i thought that I would post it here in case it could help anyone out.

    First of all, here is the link:
    Re: 8330 (error 1) Skipping PLEASE HELP (Ready get my money back) - BlackBerry Curve - BlackBerry 8300 Series Smartphone - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    And here is a copy and paste of it for you:

    You got one of the newer devices that were released AFTER PocketMac was posted. We have since posted a patch that will help you connect. There is a solution for this. First, visit the download page: BlackBerry - BlackBerry for Mac

    and start the download process again. As you move to the download screen, select PocketMac V4.0.20b for BlackBerry. Then, on the next screen, you have two program choices to download.

    You have probably already downloaded the first one, under the heading "PocketMac v4.0.20b for BlackBerry." If you have erased it, go ahead and download it again.

    Since you have one of the newest devices (like the 8110, 8120, 8130, 8310 or 8330), you may also need to download the patch that allows you to connect to those as well. That patch is on the same page, under the heading, "PocketMac Driver update -- DriverUpdate.dmg."

    1. IMPORTANT: Disconnect your BlackBerry from your Macintosh.
    2. If you uninstalled PocketMac for BlackBerry, reinstall the main program now.
    3. When the installer is finished, you will be prompted to restart. DO NOT click the restart button.
    4. Install the Driver Update file please, this installer will complete very quickly.
    5. Finally, restart the Macintosh now that the software application and driver updater installers have been completed.

    After the restart is complete, please launch PocketMac for Blackberry, then plug-in your BlackBerry handheld. Click the Sync button to begin the synchronization session.

    If you still can't connect, here are some steps you can perform to make sure the new patch is installed correctly:

    1. Please unplug your BlackBerry and count to 60 seconds. This allows the
    driver to completely release. (Likely, the driver wasn't released last time you tried installing the patch, so the new one didn't install correctly.)

    2. Please open Finder, and locate the following folder: MacintoshHD/System/Library/Extensions/.

    3. Within the "Extensions" folder, you will see a list of .kext files. scroll down the very long list, and locate the two files that start with "BlackBerry" files.

    4. Please remove both of these files from your Mac: "BlackBerry.kext" and "BlackBerryUSBDev.kext". You will need your Apple Administrator user account password to remove these files from the Extensions folder. After you do so, empty your trash, please.

    6. Install the driver again. After you've finished the installer/driver package, please restart your Macintosh.

    7. Finally, plug-in your BlackBerry handheld, then launch PocketMac for BlackBerry. The PocketMac Sync Manager should now be able to find your BlackBerry.

    Hope it helps anyone that is looking for it!!
    08-26-09 02:03 PM