1. jiffry1017's Avatar

    I'm using desktop manager for mac. When I try to sync my entourage tasks, calendars, etc. the task calendars, etc options in dm is my ical stuff which isn't updated or filled out.

    How do I get my dm to sync with my entourage stuff instead of my ical stuff that is empty?
    09-04-09 11:48 PM
  2. islandreamer's Avatar
    Have you had any luck with entourage contacts? Mine did not sync with Entourage. Tried to uninstall and go back to PocketMac but it won't recognize my BB in PocketMac any more.
    09-05-09 12:59 AM
  3. jiffry1017's Avatar
    no. are you able to sync your tasks and calendar in dm? in the part where you choose your calendar it says entourage?
    09-05-09 01:11 AM
  4. islandreamer's Avatar
    Well can't be sure. Some of the items from Entourage are there and some are not. Don't know if they were there before but regardless it is not very good. Will wait till they have a better version just want to go back to PocketMac. At least with PocketMac I could do my syncs now I have nothing.
    09-05-09 01:22 AM
  5. Hyperplex's Avatar
    You have enable Sync Services in Entourage's preferences. That syncs your Entourage data wth iCal and address book, thereby allowing your DM sync to work. For Tasks and Notes, simply choose Entourage in the respective options on the DM screens and it should work.

    For the time being, it appears RIM hasn't put specific Entourage syncing into the DM, at least in this beta form. They've done it so far how Missing Sync allowed for Entourage syncing; through Sync Services. I've never had it be perfect, and I do hope that the official release brings native Entourage support.
    09-05-09 10:01 AM
  6. islandreamer's Avatar
    Thanks I will try that and reinstall DM. The most important feature for me is the sync. Don't use address book but do live in entourage and also hope that they fix it for the final release.
    09-05-09 02:04 PM
  7. islandreamer's Avatar
    Now neither DM or PocketMac will recognize my BB. I can go to the dark side and all's fine but my contacts are in Entourage. Will try going back in time!
    09-05-09 03:48 PM