1. my_white_berry's Avatar
    tonight I was trying to find a solution on how to fix this Calendar sync problem b/w Mac DM and BB

    I went and tried MS Entourage.....at first I don't even know if it would work or not!!!

    but I tried anyway.....

    so I set everything up....everything looks find..... Entourage even sync with iCal.... I was surprise!!!! anyway...

    so I synced with my BOLD and surprising enough it work!!!!

    I was super happy....so I tried a few more new appointments and it kinda work too......

    then for my last try, so some reason the DM on Mac sync can't complete!!!

    it was kinda weird I thought

    then I shut it down reboot everything....imac, BB everything

    then tried again!!!!

    guess what.....

    this time it FUxK everything up!!!!

    I sync everything was doubled again!!!!

    and then it starts to deleteing my stuff....I was like come on.....give me a break!!!!

    luckily I Backup EVERYTHING b4 I tried anything....

    so I didn't loose much, except for my time!!!


    anyone got Entourage 2008 to work with DM Mac???

    pls share!!!!

    01-20-10 03:27 AM
  2. rob7100g's Avatar
    I have too many issues with DM for Mac, Sync Services and Entourage. I'm staying with Pocket Mac until RIM sync directly to Entourage - without relying on Sync Services.

    -- Robert.
    01-20-10 04:37 AM
  3. my_white_berry's Avatar
    so what does pocket mac sync with??
    I mean the calendar.....

    sync with entourage or ical?

    01-20-10 02:45 PM
  4. rob7100g's Avatar

    FWIW in Pocket Mac I sync to the Apple Address Book > Sync Services > Entourage Address Book. Can't remember why but it did sync data better.

    -- Robert.
    01-21-10 03:05 AM