1. palmbsea's Avatar
    Hi I've been using a bb 8330 curve with verizon and bb macintosh desktop mgr 1.02 w/o problem.

    I've just switched to att and got a bb bold 9700.

    It won't sync contacts. If I delete my gmail email account, it will. If I re-set up email (and don't check sync contacts in the set up), it still screws up both contacts and calendar sync. The calendar sync gives some message about having a different server and the contacts say they are syncing but aren't.

    Right now, I've got things syncing but no email. I don't actually need gmail...if there is some free att email (like my old vzw.blackberry.net free bb email account), and it would work easier, that would be fine.

    So, it there an att bold macintosh user out there who can tell me how to set up email with gmail w/o killing off the desktop mgr sync (which is again working...)?

    04-08-10 09:05 PM