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    Just upgraded to Curve 8310 from an ancient 7100. Laptop is MacBook Pro running 10.4.11. Used to use PocketMac to sync and had no problems. When switched to Curve, PocketMac kept crashing, so shelled out $40 for Missing Sync. Wasn't happy about it, but told myself that this was only way to push pictures and music to the BB.

    Well, having completed sync with my Mac, my ICal now has duplicates of almost every calendar entry. My BB calendar for some reason doesn't have all these duplicates. I could simply overwrite the ICal with the Blackberry, but then I'll lose all calendar data older than 6 months (because that's the option I chose when syncing the BB the first time), and I don't really want to do that. Don't want to sync now because all the duplicates will come over to the BB. Also don't want to have to go through and delete all the dupes, as that will take forever, and I have no guarantee it won't just happen again.

    Have read that deleting the CICAL entries on the BB may help solve the duplication problem, but don't know whether that's true. Submitted trouble ticket to Missing Sync, but their solution -- resetting Sync Services -- doesn't really seem to get at the duplicates issue. Ideas?
    02-20-08 04:30 PM
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    I'm sorry I don't have a solution to this. But I am going to be watching this thread closely.

    I am having the exact same problem, but using Pocket Mac. I thought switching over to Missing Sync was going to solve this problem of duplicates--but I guess not.

    I'm very bummed that RIM is no more responsive to Mac users than they are.
    03-02-08 02:56 PM
  3. VZWBBnewb's Avatar
    Deleting the CICAL doesn't delete anything on the BB...I've tried already...it only froze my BB until I did a hard reset...don't bother.
    03-02-08 07:40 PM
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    I have the opposite problem - PocketMac was working fine and then suddenly, without me changing any settings, it stopped syncing my 8830. Or rather, some things sync but not contacts etc. Anyone know why?
    03-03-08 11:16 AM
  5. gc#CB's Avatar
    I have the opposite problem - PocketMac was working fine and then suddenly, without me changing any settings, it stopped syncing my 8830. Or rather, some things sync but not contacts etc. Anyone know why?
    I have had similar issues.

    As far as the "just stopped syncing", I found something new in the connections tab of Pocket Mac when you click on the "Blackberry" icon. First, let me explain that I sync with two blackberrys. An 8700 for my job, and an 8830 for my personal device. (Don't get me started...) I had been syncing on the 8700 for a while, and then at some point began syncing with both. It worked for a while, but then stopped. After poking around, I found that the selection had changed from USB to Serial port in the Connection tab. It may have happened earlier, and I never noticed because it still works on the 8700 when using serial port if "Blackberry" is selected in the dropdown box. That's when I noticed that additional dropdown selections were present under Serial. I have since found out that it will sync with either button selected, but if you select Serial, you must select the proper device in that window. Of course, it's easiest to just make sure that USB is selected.

    Now, for the dupes. I've been trying to get my syncing squared away for a while now. I have synced with both the Mac OS programs (iCal, Address Book, Stickies, etc.) and Entourage. Most recently I've been working with Entourage. I had been experimenting with various combinations of settings in PocketMac and Entourage to find the best result. The problems seem to me to stem from how you have 'sync services' set in the Entourage preferences, and what you 'check' in PocketMac. The following occurred kind of by accident and I must stress, you need to be CERTAIN that the data on your Blackberry is reasonably up to date. I had de-selected the sync between Entourage and the Mac programs in Entourage, and that had taken care of dupes that were being created. I later decided that I wanted to keep data backing up to .Mac, so I had to select the option to sync Entourage with the Mac programs. (It's either all or nothing.) After setting it up to sync between the two programs, I ACCIDENTALLY deleted the "Entourage" calendar from in iCal. I would recommend trying this with the Entourage Sync preferences UNCHECKED first, because when I did this WITH it checked, all calendar data in BOTH iCal and Entourage disappeared. Thankfully I had almost all of my data in both Blackberrys, and I was able to re-sync and recover it. After the re-sync of the data with the blackberry, and having re-checked the option for Entourage to sync with the Mac apps, a new Entourage calandar was created in iCal, and it doesn't seem to be creating dupes. BTW, in PocketMac, I am syncing the Calandar with the Entourage calandar only and letting Entourage sync with the Mac apps.

    Hope there is some part of this that helps. Don't know which apps you are using.


    05-28-08 03:28 PM
  6. jonincarmel's Avatar
    I had that problem a while back for my recurring events, and then downloaded the 2007 Calendar DB Patch to my 8830. That fixed it. However, today, it's back. I use Entourage for Mac, which syncs through iCal. I use Missing Sync, rather than PocketMac. I don't have the dups (actually two "extra" events) on Entourage or iCal, just my BB. When I try to delete the dups on my BB, nothing happens.
    05-28-08 08:26 PM