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    ok, i know this is gonna sound weird.
    got my first mac last october. i like it. got a storm from verizon in may.( i wanted an iphone, but i like verizon). had i known how mac-unfriendly it was....oh well.

    here's the deal. i set up my email stuff so that it's pushed to my bb. i don't use the bb mail address thing (see how well versed i am?). nor do i use a mac address. my primary email account is with rcn, my cable company. i use mac mail rather than logging in to webmail@rcn. there's no problem getting my email on the storm. works great. BUT.....for some reason, not all of the rcn mail gets to the mac mail. seems like comcast mail gets through but nothing else. i like seeing my emails on the computer especially since some attachments won't open on the bb. and i HATE using the webmail thing cuz all of my nice groups and contacts are in mac mail.

    does any of this make sense? can somebody help? thanks in advance
    08-09-09 01:08 AM