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    I've been using a BB for 12 years but most of that time with DTM for Windows (until I saw the Mac light three years ago). Since the BB DTM, (aside from the fact we Mac folks get very little RIM love), after I updated my Tour to the "official" Verizon OS 5.0.591 I'm having all kinds of Calendar sync problems between iCal and my BB. None of these problems existed with OS 4.7.x so I have to put the blame on OS 5.0 or else the fact that RIM hasn't updated DTM for Mac to work properly with OS 5.0.

    1. if I force a sync of all iCal events to the BB everything is fine. But the first time I do a normal sync without forcing the iCal events to override those on the BB, then I get the notification that a bezillion events will be modified in iCal. The modifications always have to do with the sound, alarm, or time of the alarm. I obviously don't let them happen. Additionally, all the notification reminders are stripped from the events on the BB. If force a sync and override everything on the device, then immediately do a normal sync, I should not have any changes on either side.

    2. Not actually off-topic but while I'm at it, why do events that show me as BUSY in iCal show up as FREE on the BB?

    3. I already know of the issue where I need to have all events reminders in iCal set to "Message" because if I set them to "Message with Sound" the reminder doesn't show up properly on the BB. But why? Isn't this rather basic?

    All in all, while the DTM for Mac is at least something, it's still light years behind what Windows has, and these latest problems with the Calendar sync are very frustrating. People wonder why folks move to the inferior iPhone...it's pretty simple...it's always in sync with the Mac...period! Thanks for any light that can be shed on this calendar issue.
    04-02-10 09:19 PM