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    Hi guys, I am new to BB and new to MAC. Right now I am using BB9000 for just half year, and using MacBook Pro for about just two weeks.

    I have install the latest version of DTM for mac, and there is the problem:
    1. I can not install or remove any application from DTM in Mac, it's shows "preparing application" and there is nothing happen, I have try to wait for more than half hours, which can reinstall the whole OS in Win version, still "Preparing application;
    2. SYNC working perfectly fine for me, as I am only sync contact, iCal I didn't use much.
    3. Backup are fine too, I didn't use restore yet, So I am not so sure the restore function are working or not.
    4. I can not use DTM in mac to update or reinstall the OS;

    My BB9000 OS Version is 5.0.0509 Easter Asia from Vodafone, don't have any data plan.
    Does anyone else face the same problem? Or is there has any solution for this problem? I do not like to reopen my Win desktop just for BB, Thanks in advance for any possible help!
    04-02-10 10:47 PM