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    I've been syncing with the leaked DM and my Blackberry Bold - the first time I've been able to successfully sync on a regular basis since buying the phone at the end of 08.

    Today I downloaded the "update" (official version?). Now I can no longer sync and on top of that, the software recognized this as my initial sync attempt, so it's gone ahead and erased the contacts on my device without replacing them with the info on my computer.

    For whoever says that the leaked version and the official version are the same just because the version number is the same, I think you're probably wrong. That's also a rather ridiculous argument.

    Thank goodness I had backed up my phone recently enough with the old DM or I'd be royally screwed. RIM SUCKS with Mac. I'm nearly on my last nerve and about to move to iPhone. Mac users should not have to put up with this absurdity.

    I shouldn't have to uninstall the "official" version and revert to the leak, but unfortunately, that was the one that worked, and this one is GARBAGE.


    It gets worse! I uninstalled the new one, got the old version back, and now that one doesn't work either! Sweet!

    Now, I'm pretty savvy, generally speaking. I'm not as tech-savvy as a lot of you on here, so maybe I'm missing something and one of you will go beast-mode dork on me, but I'm better than average on almost all issues Mac and Blackberry..

    This absolutely blows. Sorry.
    10-14-09 05:04 PM