1. sundancekid32's Avatar
    I was asked to upgrade my Bold OS and started this but disconnected itself halfway through. After this I get the error 'reload software 507' - most solutions are for PC so not sure how to finish the OS install. The fact that DM won't recognise the device now is not helping. And I haven't backed up. Doh! Fail. Yikes. Help. pls?
    10-17-09 07:16 AM
  2. Tanz87's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem as well. I have tried to finish the upgrade, but now my Dm does not recognice the phone, when i select the connection option it comes up as USB-PIN:0. Is There Anything i can do? HELLLLLP!!!!
    10-17-09 08:49 AM
  3. sundancekid32's Avatar
    Update: installed DM on my PC instead and reloaded the BB OS. Got it all working but lost my contacts. What a way to spend my Sunday. Fun for the whole family. Joy.
    10-17-09 09:11 PM
  4. drumzalicious's Avatar
    There is a thread called unbricking your BlackBerry on a Mac.
    10-19-09 03:13 AM