1. rawcopy's Avatar
    So, the new DM for Mac syncs Mac Address Book contacts just fine with thumbnails, all fields and notes too.

    However, I have the age old Mass Storage problem with Media Card on my 8110 Pearl being unable to mount on the Mac.

    I never got it to mount with PocketMac (now uninstalled) and the new DM for Mac is the same. I've reformatted the card too and gone through all the Mass Storage connection options on the phone and reconnecting etc.

    However, I'm not convinced this is the issue, as this phone's card has always been recognised on a PC (used in desperation). Also, I can put the card in a media reader and the Mac is fine with it, so it must be a BB Mac drivers issue given that it works on a PC.

    To say I'm disappointed in DM for Mac is an understatement.
    10-03-09 07:40 AM