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    I had been using the beta version, which for some reason worked absolutely perfectly for me. I have a BB 8900, MacBook, OS 10.6.1. All the contacts were synced correctly with all fields in place, and the calendar events were all correct. I always replace the data on my BB every time I sync. I was very pleased, seeing as how Pocketmac and Missing Sync never were able to do it right. Plus, I could now finally upgrade my BB OS. When the "Official" version was released on Friday, I installed it, without deleting any of the other apps...big problem I think, but who knows? There's no official tech support posting to help us out.

    After reading through many post here, I was able to locate all the little bits and pieces of those apps that the "uninstallers" missed. I reinstalled v1.0 many times, and always the contacts were screwed up...very poor for RIM too release this without any detailed instructions...that's another story. Anyway, I got so pissed that I deleted everything, and tried reinstalling Missing Sync...well...I was committed to finding a way to get the BB DM to work...MS was out again.

    I went and found the beta version on Blackberrynews.com, and tried reinstalling that. After 2 unsuccessful sync attempts which deleted all my contacts from the BB, I deleted the beta DM (all extra files, etc.) once more, repaired permissions, ran Cocktail.

    Then reinstalled the beta BBDM again. When I opened the app, I got the attached pop-up (which never happened before)...the version I was installing was (v1.0 build 75). I declined the offer to upgrade to the "final" version and ran a sync of my contacts, which then replaced all my missing contacts...PERFECT...no errors or slowdowns! This is exactly how the beta did worked when I first installed it, with the exception of that pop-up. I I'm running the beta, but man this SO effing confusing! Please help us RIM!!!

    Seems like there not much we can do until RIM addresses these sync issues...I certainly can't offer any solutions here, but my situation sort of illustrates how sloppily this was released to the public. Definitely, RIM can do better, and I'm sure hoping they'll read through some of this and realize they have a problem that needs immediate attention. There are many BB/Mac users...how about some customer service?
    10-05-09 07:05 PM