1. nathiec's Avatar
    I have finally fixed the problem with the DM not recognizing my media card and the blackberry1 and blackberry 2 not mounting on my mac.

    I got a replacement storm from verizon but it was refurbished one. My original storm mounted on my mac desktop and I did not have any issues with the media card.

    I had endless problems with the refurbished one. I went to Verizon, told them my theory and that I wanted to see if the media card would read and the two drives would mount on my desktop on a brand new storm.

    YIPPEEE I was right. The tech support guy was not sure why that happened, since they are supposed to the same thing, but he could see with his own eyes, that the refurbished one would not work, but the brand new one worked immediately.

    Now my new BB storm mounts two drives blackberry 1 and 2 on my desktop, and the media card is finally recognized and I can now use I-tunes again.

    I hope this helps anyone else out there with problems.
    10-19-09 12:47 PM
  2. TheSultan's Avatar
    That's definitely a weird reaction, but it's an interesting find.
    10-19-09 12:48 PM
  3. nathiec's Avatar
    I know it is weird- but frankly I don't care about the technical ins-and-outs- just glad my NEW bb storm works and media card/ drives load right away.
    10-27-09 04:58 PM
  4. cookietroglodyte's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. You think I should go into verizon and talk to them about this problem and tell them what you found out? Because frankly I'm sick and tired of trying to put music onto my storm. My media card cannot be read by DM and therefore can not put ANY music onto my storm. Do you have any advice?
    10-31-09 06:15 PM