1. BuddyC_cb's Avatar
    Just recently I started using the password feature on my BB 9930. I tried to sync my Mac to my BB and I am prompted to enter the device password. Once I do that, its saying that its the wrong password? Password works fine on the device, but it won't accept it in DM.

    Anyone have this issue?
    10-07-11 06:57 AM
  2. juwaack68's Avatar
    What buttons do you press when you enter your password on the device? If you are (or not) pressing the Alt button, you may not be getting the character you think you are.

    For example, if I assume my password is is start123, but I am NOT pressing the Alt button for the numbers, my password is *really* startwer.
    10-07-11 07:10 AM
  3. BuddyC_cb's Avatar
    Well I'm entering the password on my Mac keyboard, so pressing the numbers at the top, should be giving me those number fields. The password works fine on the BB, I just can't connect to DM because it asks for the device password and says I'm entering it wrong.
    10-07-11 07:33 AM
  4. BuddyC_cb's Avatar
    Found this article: Desktop Manager Password - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    I'll have to try converting the #'s in my password, to the corresponding letters and try that on my Mac.
    10-07-11 07:42 AM