1. ycross's Avatar
    K so i have read alot of the 552 error threads regarding Tour's and it looks like mixed reviews.
    my question is this.
    i have a mac on snow leopard
    a blackberry tour with original software
    maybe 20mg free of memory
    just installed a BBM upgrade
    just installed skype
    then went to do a backup
    it froze up and cancelled like 3 times during the "MMS" part of backup
    So i ejected the "no name disk" and closed out of DM
    then...unplugged my phone with the "clock" on black screen showing
    then...after like 5 minutes of not rebooting by itself...i did a battery pull...whoops!
    552 and i have like 1500 contacts
    any hope?
    i also have a pc that i connect to on a regular basis, if that makes the problem easier?
    i dunno, any help would be great! pleeease!
    and talk to me like im an *****, cuz i know i am
    thanks in advance
    07-15-10 05:32 AM