1. JD76#CB's Avatar
    It doesnt sync my "all day" events. Those are real important to me. Anyone know how I can get it to work?

    I also noticed that if a contact has 2 mobile numbers in your address book, it only transfers one... any help with this as well?

    Im on Mac 10.3.9
    07-11-07 10:38 PM
  2. kasperapd's Avatar
    I really don't know anything about Macs, but I know the question that will be asked of you is... "What program are you using to sync?"
    07-12-07 12:12 AM
  3. JD76#CB's Avatar
    Pocket Mac.. I cant use Mark Space's program because their minimum requirement is the latest OS version which im not on.
    07-12-07 12:41 AM
  4. eduardjm@usc.edu's Avatar
    My guess would be that PocketMac may not be fully compatible with Panther (10.3) and you may need to upgrade to Tiger (10.4). I am on the latter, and my iCal all-day events transfer over flawlessly, as well as my multiple info fields within iCal. Depending on your hardware, if it can handle the upgrade, might be time to bite the bullet. As a bonus, you'll get Spotlight and Dashboard too
    07-19-07 10:59 AM
  5. NickBudden's Avatar
    Am having the same problem.
    05-18-11 09:28 AM