1. slaytalera's Avatar
    ok, so im fairly new to BB, but ive been using mac for years. as some of you know verizon just released 4.5 for the pearl and i was wondering how i upgrade it on a mac...i know theres thorough instructions on windows, but im using an old ibook G4, so windows is a no go for me.

    also...pocketmac...theres an option to set it up with your .mac(mobile me) account...what exactly does that do??
    11-05-08 02:35 PM
  2. VZWBBnewb's Avatar
    Since you don't have the dual platform on your Mac, the only way you can upgrade the OS is by using a friend's Windows-based computer. I did find out from a VZW rep today that some stores will upgrade the OS in-house, but you'll want to call around ahead of time to see if you find one in your area.

    You won't need PocketMac to set up your .mac email account. Those are 2 separate things. PocketMac will allow you to sync your contacts, calendars, and the like. You can set up a .mac email at https://bis.na.blackberry.com/html?brand=vzw, but for VZW customers, you'll want to start by setting up the account and then going into your BB into email settings and set it up there. Once it's reconciled, you can go into the website and add the .mac account.
    11-05-08 07:52 PM
  3. slaytalera's Avatar
    ah dang.

    as for the .mac, i know they are seperate, i have a mobile me account already set up and im just assuming the .mac feature in pocketmac just syncs .mac/mobile me contacts and calander with my pocketmac?
    11-05-08 11:54 PM
  4. VZWBBnewb's Avatar
    Yep! That's it....
    11-06-08 12:50 AM
  5. slaytalera's Avatar
    awesome, thanks
    11-06-08 09:30 AM