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    I installed Blackberry Media Sync on my Mac and moved some of my Itunes playlists to my Storm ... no problem there
    BUT I had to sacrifice Pocket Mac. but now I need to be able to sync ical to my phone so do I have to uninstall BMS to be able to use Pocket Mac again? and if I do that will it affect any of my playlist info once I reinstall it again?

    Next question .. when I got my Storm I backed up my Curve and then all my diary dates and stuff were put on the Storm. Problem is previous to that I had had some syncing problems with my Curve so the upshot is I have a lot of duplicate entries on my Storm calendar which are driving me nuts... more alarms going off than I need. So I want to start a fresh and have my iCal dates put on the Storm as all the ical dates are correct. But what option do I choose to do that when syncing?
    Also should I uninstall and reinstall Pocket Mac as I was having syncing problems with the Curve whereby it was stopping half way through a sync and throwing up error codes?

    Sorry for all the questions but i really want to get my Storm cleaned up and working for me
    01-24-09 12:56 PM