1. namput's Avatar
    I have good data on my 8900 in one diary. I have bad data on iCal with only one diary. If I cleared the iCal diary, deleted it and set up a new one with the same name as on the 8900 with one false entry in it, if I syncd - would the good data come over to iCal - leaving me to delete the one false entry?
    I hope this is clear - what I am trying to do is work out a way of forcing a one way sync from BB to iCal!
    10-06-09 11:19 AM
  2. wm_j_ray's Avatar
    Could work. That's how did it. BUT if you DO get good iCal data on your MAC from your device make sure you archive it immediately before running Mac DM again.

    What I found is that once I sync'ed the the first time with Mac DM and a Storm 9530 running .167 I got thru with no problems. I was overjoyed. Finally, RIM has mac support

    But NO. The next time I sync'ed, nothing from my device made it over to my desktop (Snow Leopard)

    I can't trust the RIM Mac DM yet.
    10-06-09 11:50 AM