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    I sync my Blackberry to both a PC and a Mac computer, and was frustrated due to the lack of a one-way sync option on the Mac Desktop Manager software. (I tend to update contacts on the phone, and then use that to overwrite both my computers.) In hopes of getting a clean contact list on my Mac, I deleted all contacts in the Mac address book, thinking the sync would dump all the contacts from the phone onto the computer. No such luck -- it deleted all the contacts on the phone.

    I've got the contacts backed up on my PC, so that's not the issue. I'm wondering, a) how can I get the contacts back onto the Mac since the sync wants to erase the phone instead of adding them to the computer, and b) does a software program like Missing Sync have the one-way sync option for Mac? It's such a great and easy feature on the PC Desktop Manager software that it baffles me that it's not part of the Mac version.

    Thanks for your help.
    11-09-10 10:21 PM