1. MureEtMusc's Avatar
    Well, I was wondering why PocketMac hasn't been updated to solve the USB issue on the unibody MacBook/MacBook Pro or connectivity issues with the BlackBerry Storm, even though the new MacBooks have been out for over a month. And as we all know, another new BlackBerry (the Curve 8900) is coming out soon on T-Mobile, so something is up.

    My bet: It's because RIM will also use the Curve 8900 launch as an opportunity to launch the new BlackBerry Desktop Software and Media Sync for Mac. There's clues here... One user (a RIM support tech) posted last month in another thread that better software from RIM is "coming very soon", so maybe RIM has a pleasant early Christmas gift in store for us Mac users. But the big question will then be if it will only support Intel Macs, or if it will support older PowerPC Macs as well? (My bet is Intel-only, like many new Mac apps.)

    Your thoughts?
    11-23-08 05:15 PM
  2. Bonessk's Avatar
    I would say you are right that it will be Intel Only - especially from a "first-time" mac developer.

    And coming out with it before Christmas sales would be good for a bump in sales to mac users (think the HUGE university crowd with Mac laptops, that may be looking at or getting a new phone etc). Not to mention it would be a huge tool for Non-iPhone networks to sell BB against iPhones over the next 45-60 days of holiday spending.

    Lets just hope it works right, cause a bad launch would be very bad for BB in the apple world.. Not to mention it would save me a bunch of time and headache support them.. which is a pain as I don't have a BB.
    11-23-08 07:12 PM