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    Hi all -

    Recently left my company and went off of their BES. I started out just trying to clear the enterprise activation - did a security wipe and re-installed DTM on my Macbook Pro then resynched everything. This all went well. Then I went into the security options on my BB and saw the old company's security plan still on the BB.

    How do I clear this last vestage of my sorry old company from my BB?

    (I saw the threads of how to do this on a windows machine - involved downloading a policy.bin file then updating the registry. Since Mac has no registry - does anyone have any bright ideas? VZW (my carrier) suggested that I call my company and have them push a new service book my way without the IT plan - but I don't really trust those guys. VZW said that anything else would involve a "highly technical fix that might break something else" (thanks VZW).

    Thanks in advance.
    06-02-10 05:37 PM