1. dynastyqween's Avatar
    I can't figure out how to upload my music and pictures from my phone to my mac. Back when I had a windows pc it was much easier to find. I was able to go to computer and click the blkberry icon and just open the media folder and add my music but i cant seem to figure out how to do it on the macbook. HELP!
    03-31-11 08:27 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Desktop manager for macs? Did you install it so it gets the driver for it?

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    03-31-11 11:00 PM
  3. BeyondTheBox's Avatar
    Works the same. Plug in, turn on MassMedia mode and it should appear on your desktop. You might have to turn on media card support in your settings for this to work, not sure if this is correct terminology, but should be close. From there you can drag and drop... If you have desktop manager loaded on your mac it will automatically pop up when you plug your BB to your Mac, in which case you will simply need to hit the eject button at the bottom right of the of the manager window then close DM and the icon will then appear on your desktop of the computer and you can do as mentioned above.
    04-01-11 12:27 AM
  4. dynastyqween's Avatar
    i tried all that already. nothing works. it doesn't recognize my media card
    i hate MACS!
    04-01-11 04:42 PM
  5. BeyondTheBox's Avatar
    So answer some questions for me then...

    Do you have Desktop Manager for Mac?
    If so, can you open the program?
    Also if so, when you plug your BB into your Mac via USB does it open automatically?

    I ask these questions to see if your Mac is responding properly to your BlackBerry and if you have the correct software loaded.
    04-01-11 10:06 PM
  6. ste1164's Avatar
    Eh, it works fine for me when you plug your bb in you should get an option for charge media sync or mass storage. Choose mass storage and you should see the sd card pop up. Drag and drop your music into the card. I use media sync it's a lot easier.
    04-02-11 05:30 AM
  7. dynastyqween's Avatar
    yes i have desktop manager for macs, yes it opens fine BUT theres nothing under the media part. I wonder why its not recognizing my media card?
    04-11-11 10:35 PM
  8. BeyondTheBox's Avatar
    that's what makes no sense. have you tried another computer? try a PC. don't be so quick to blame your mac until you've determined that it is the computer. it's more likely that it's your USB cable or the media card itself.
    04-11-11 11:20 PM