1. nosillayam's Avatar
    When I plug my BB into my Mac, I can open the BB folders, and the only pictures I see are those on my media card installed on the BB. Using PocketMac, I try to set up photo syncing, but again, only works from media card if at all.

    Meanwhile, my device memory is full (causing the totally annoying problem of erasing all e-mail/call/text records), and all due to the handful of pictures hoggin the memory.

    1) how to I make sure pictures area always saved to media card? Seems inconsistent

    2) how the heck do I get the pictures off my BB device memory? Short of manually moving each one individually to the media card, which is what I started doing.

    3) is there any way to make syncing easier when it comes to photos?


    Thanks in advance,
    05-11-09 11:41 PM
  2. nosillayam's Avatar
    p.s. I tried removing media card, and the computer still does not see images stored on device memory, yet they are clearly there on actual device, hogging memory...
    05-11-09 11:41 PM
  3. ERDude's Avatar
    You have to save all pictures to the media card. The media card is what makes you're BB a mass storage device. Moving the photos to the media card will solve your problem.
    05-11-09 11:48 PM