1. mphmph's Avatar
    With the help of the forums, I just got Missing Sych to synch my BB8130 to my MacBook. However, I can't find a way to synch my MemoPad which is where I keep my notes.

    Missing Sync has a plugin "Notes" which synchs to Mark/Space Notebook, but I don't have any application called "Notes" on my BB. Any way to synch MemoPad items? Thanks!
    11-30-08 10:13 AM
  2. memyselfandblackberry's Avatar
    The Missing Sync for BlackBerry 1.0.3 allows you to sync your memos
    with the Notes plugin. Make sure that you click on the settings
    menu and select the "mark/space notes" selection so your memos
    can go to that app on your desktop.
    12-03-08 06:53 PM
  3. rallanr's Avatar
    Isn't the key point here that you need to use the Mark/Space Notebook app instead in order to be able to sync notes/memos/stickies/etc to the BB?
    12-27-08 09:44 PM
  4. hagosrush's Avatar
    The notebook no longer syncs with the newer OS verison of the BB. When you sync you should receive the error that OS 4.6 and above is incompatible with the notebook app unfortunately.

    I am assuming that Missing Sync has not figure that out as yet.
    12-31-08 11:49 AM