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    After reading a number of threads, I'm beginning to wonder if any Mac users are getting full functionality from Blackberry Desktop Manager. Anyway, here's my problem...

    I can't sync music. (or tasks, I'll leave that to another day).
    I get this error message:
    - -
    Unable to locate media card.

    Ensure that a media card is present and inserted correctly, and that media card support is turned on. Reconnect your device and try again.
    - -

    -I disconnect the device, reconnect - same results.
    -I wipe the BB 8320 - reset to factory settings, try again - same results.
    -When I connect the BB 8320 to my Mac, I can drag and drop a music file onto the BB, disconnect the BB, play the music file on the BB. I can shoot a video and save it to the microSD card.

    -I can sync Calendar and Contacts - no problem.
    -I can't sync Tasks.

    I noticed elsewhere on the internet someone suggesting that this could be a driver problem which might result when a device is unlocked / de-branded. Those comments were made relative to PC users (maybe not applicable to Mac users?)

    My system:

    Mac OS 10.5.8
    BB 8320
    BB OS 4.5.0 (platform
    BDM 1.0.3 (build 23)
    BB 8320 is new and Unlocked
    New 8GB microSD card.

    Media Card settings:
    Media Card Support: On
    Encryption mode: None
    Mass Storage Mode Support: On
    Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected: Prompt
    (I've tried the above set to 'Yes' - it doesn't solve the problem)


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    07-01-10 08:07 PM
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    If you have previously installed Pocket Mac it may have left files behind that allow the RIM DM seeing the media card. Do a search on the Mac User forum.

    The Task sync... FWIW only Pocket Mac can sync multiple categories on Mac. Missing Sync and the BB DM make you define one category that all tasks are bundled into. If you use Apple Sync Services to sync Tasks to Entourage, etc, you are limited to one category.

    -- Robert.
    07-02-10 06:16 PM