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    I have the BB tour 9360 and I have an iMac running the most current OS X 10.6.7.

    I have recently started using Mobile Me, which I'm liking. In order for iCal to sync with Mobile Me, you have to remove the calendars under the "ON MY MAC" section, and only have them under the "username@ME.COM" section.

    Here's the problem, BB desktop manager syncs with the "ON MY MAC" calendars and not the "username@ME.COM" calendars. So once I removed the "ON MY MAC" calendars, I've lost my syncing capabilities. (If I keep the "ON MY MAC" calendars, not only will I have duplicate events in iCal, but I will have to enter an event twice, once under "ON MY MAC" to purely sync with BB desktop manager) and once under "username@ME.COM" to purely sync with Mobile Me. This is not efficient.)

    I've looked at all the settings for the BB desktop manager to see if I can sync with the "username@ME.COM" calendars instead and this does not seem possible.

    When I spoke to Apple support today, they suggested I find a caldav app for my BB. I've searched around and have not found one.

    If anyone knows how to solve this problem without suggesting I use google calendar or yahoo calendar etc,. I'd be so grateful. I know I'm trying to merge the world of Apple and BB and this is a tough battle. Surely there is a way these two can co-exist and sync somehow...
    05-25-11 11:45 AM