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    I have a BB 8703e. When I Sync it, I always get a boatload of popup windows telling me there are items on my Entourage Calendar that are not on my device. It then asks if I want to restore or delete them. It looks like everytime I Sync, PocketMAC goes back further. I have items on my Entourage Calendar that are over 2 years old but I Need to keep them for historical purposes so I cant tell PocketMAC to ignore them because if I do that they will get selected. Anyone have any suggestions?

    I also keep getting msgs informing me that a contact was deleted from my device, would I like it deleted from my MAC as well. But I havent deleted anything from my BB, so I am curious as to why this message keeps popping up.

    Anyone think it may be because when the Sync runs and sees a Contact on my MAC, but doesnt see it on my device that it assumes that the Contact was deleted from my device?

    Any help is much appreciated
    08-16-07 03:16 PM
  2. eduardjm@usc.edu's Avatar
    Your first issue sounds like you have you BB set to only hold a set amount of events within the calendar. Off the top of my head I don't remember the setting specifics, but you can set it to hold old events up to a variety of lengths. You might want to set it to forever, I have that seting.

    For your second problem, yes, if there are contacts on your mac that are not on your BB, PocketMac thinks they were deleted. Why not just restore them to your BB so that they sync up? Hope this helps.

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    08-18-07 12:36 PM