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    I am having difficulties syncing my BB and iCal. From what I can see the appts I enter on my BB show up on iCal after sync, but not the other way around. I also noticed that an appt I deleted on BB did not delete on iCal after sync.

    I get a "Sync error occurred, Please retry" message about halfway through sync, but retrying does nothing to help.

    Mac: OS X 10.5.8
    BB Pearl 8130 4.5.0

    I'm not a very saavy in the workings of either BB or Mac, but love both products. If any of you have suggestions (preferably in not-too-technical language) that would be great!
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    10-04-09 01:58 PM
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    I think I've got it figured.
    10-04-09 09:32 PM
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    Yes, I've got it figured.

    Oh wow. Life is so good when your iCal sync works! =D
    10-04-09 09:48 PM
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    do you enjoy talking to yourself?...LOL
    10-04-09 10:18 PM
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    Well, if no one else is talking to me I don't really have a choice, do I?
    10-05-09 01:26 PM
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    It would be nice if you would tell yourself how you fixed it, so we can all eavesdrop.
    10-05-09 01:31 PM
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    Nothing really special, actually. I just spent a bunch of time playing with the settings. I asked it to sync all events, instead of just future events as I had before. Plus I did a back up then checked off the "Replace all calendar events on the Blackberry Device" box. For whatever reason, that did the trick.
    10-05-09 01:46 PM