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    I have been using missing sync for quite awhile with previous blackberries. I upgraded to v 2. No problem with this. Now I have a new Tour. I have a desktop calendar from work and a private calendar that I sync with ical on my Mac. I synced my calendar for the first time without difficulty. Normally this calendar is under my .mac email address in the BB. Somehow this .mac linked calendar got classified in the BB under a device default calendar. Now after syncing the calendar again my ical calendar has been erased on my computer. In other words a device default calendar has been created and my appointmensts have been moved there and it (the device default calendar) will not sync with my computer.
    1) What the **** happened?
    2) Is there a way to change the appointments from this newly created device default calendar on my Tour back to the .mac calendar?
    3) Is there away to correct any errors that led to this screw up?
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