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    Okay, I have had nothing but problems with the blackberry desktop manager for mac since I first installed it.
    First time I used it, it asked me to update my BB, which I obviously did. It crashed my phone for me (awfully nice, I know), meaning I had to do a battery pull halfway through an update, thus loosing all my data. Luckily, the manager had a back-up. This was two months ago.

    I decide it's time to give my BB an update and lo and behold, updates are available! I go to install the updates and go through the usual procedures, with all going smoothly. That is until the BB boots back up and I notice a distinct lack of applications. I also notice that it refuses to accept my data connection, despite having full 3G signal AND the data symbol clearly signifying I have a data connection!

    In frustration, I try to reinstall the backup made for me. Oddly enough, it's doing nothing at all. Not reinstating my apps/data connection or anything.

    Will someone please help me here, I'm at my wits end!

    PS: Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I couldn't decide it's home.
    12-22-09 08:51 PM