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    Okay.. so i had my storm paired with my computer before and now its not working since i upgraded to Snow Leopard OSX on my Mac.

    It keeps saying ''failed to find service'' dispite my bluetooth sharing being on, my bluetooth status in the menu bar.. and so forth.

    It says my services are: ''Desktop Service: P:0x3079F39B R:0x04 V:0x20104''
    and ''Bypass service'' with the same numbers. I dont think this was my service before? What do i need to do. Everything on. and ive repaired both phone and mac about 10 times without success?

    Im a internet poster.. from picture, audio, and video. and my media comes from my phone most of the time. my workload is piling up since i cant exchange files. help please.
    09-23-09 09:35 PM