1. gcopter's Avatar
    Here's the problem. My MacBook has bluetooth currently on. When I switch on the bluetooth in my Bold, it won't connect. I have two other devices, besides the MacBook, on the Bold's list of paired devices. Whenever I turn on any of these devices, the Bold pairs right away.

    Again, not so with the Mac.

    All the devices in the Bold's list are trusted.

    Does anyone knows what's going on?
    02-25-11 11:19 AM
  2. Black_Swan's Avatar
    My macbook connects fine with my 9780.

    Is your macbook an older model?
    02-26-11 01:31 AM
  3. gcopter's Avatar
    Never mind, I think I found out what it was. I was looking for the Bold'd flashing blue light indicating pairing. As opposed to the other bluetooth devices I have, which are audio devices, the MacBook is not constantly "talking" to the Bold. At all other times, such as when transferring files, it works fine.
    02-26-11 09:31 AM