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    Instructions for Telus phones done on Mac Pro running OS X 10.4.11 with an internal bluetooth card. For other providers call them and ask what the username is.

    1. Set blackberry to be visable via bluetooth

    2. A Mac with bluetooth will have a bluetooth symbol in the top right next to the airport symbol (left of the clock). Click on it and select 'Set up Bluetooth Device'

    3. The Bluetooth Setup Assistant comes up and you want to tell it to continue then select mobile phone from the list provided and hit continue.

    4. It will find any devices in the area and display their bluetooth address as 8 sets of 2 hex digits seperated by dashes. Shortly after it will retrieve the actual name you gave the phone or its default. Select it and continue.

    5. The phone will ask for a pass key, either press the back key or give it a number, it doesn't matter at this point. The computer will then let you select continue. Do it.

    6. Now the Mac will display a number for you to enter into the phone. Put it in, holding the alt key the whole time to ensure you are putting in numbers. hit enter or press ball.

    7. Now the computer asks you what services you want. The two I get are address book and 'access the internet with your phone's data connection'. Uncheck the address book thing and hit continue.

    8. Now you are prompted to enter your Mac password. This is needed when installing any programs and is unique to the user.

    9. Finally we are presented with the username & password section.
    Username: (10digit#)@1x.telusmobility.com
    Password: decimal ESN/MEID
    Phone Number: #777
    Modem Script: Sprint PCS Vision

    Hit continue and again you are prompted for your mac password.

    10. You can now hit connect (cross your fingers)

    *Note - default modem script is set to Apple Internal 56k. There are A LOT of choices! The second one I tried after default was the sprint PCS Vision and it worked just fine.


    If you don't have this Sprint option look for RIM or Blackberry and if not just edit it untill it works. To edit this they open 'Internet Connect'. This can be done either by opening any Finder window > Applications > Internet connect, or by clicking on airport icon or the connection they just created and selecting 'Open Internet Connect'. Once opened click on the Bluetooth tab. In the Configuration drop down select 'Edit Configurations'. On the left you have the configurations you want to edit and the right has the information you change. Choices are:
    Description: can be anything (ie 8330, 9530, Pearl etc)
    Telephone Number: #777
    Account Name: 10digit#@1x.telusmobility.com
    Password: decimal ESN/MEID
    Checkbox - prompt for password after dialing: don't check
    Modem: Sprint PCS Vision (or whatever works)
    Checkbox - manual dial. Make this connection: don't check
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    12-02-08 09:52 PM
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    Thank you for sharing

    anyone would have the settings for rogers?
    12-02-08 10:13 PM