1. ant.7ran's Avatar
    I just created this guide to tether your internet connection from your Blackberry to your Mac via Bluetooth.
    Tested with OSX 10.6.2 and Blackberry 8520.
    I noticed a lot of people wanted to know how to do this but were having problems.

    It does not require any third party software!

    Screenshot of example page:

    Download complete PDF guide here:

    Hope this helps people!
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    12-14-09 08:44 AM
  2. ccfox's Avatar
    this tutorial is really nice, but as i remember, you should copy some modem configuration files to your computer before doing so.

    Dunno whether it is a necessary under this tutorial, but i have to when i was trying to tethering.
    12-15-09 01:37 AM
  3. ant.7ran's Avatar
    I have the RIM modem script if anyone needs that too.
    It happened to be on my mac already so I'm not sure if it was there by default.
    It might be installed when you install the Mac Desktop Manager.
    12-15-09 07:17 AM
  4. anon(767240)'s Avatar
    im on 10.5.8 will it work?
    12-15-09 07:36 AM
  5. ant.7ran's Avatar
    There might be a few variations in the positioning of menus and input forms, so you might not see the same layouts as on my screenshots but the information is still relevant.

    As long as you put the information in the right fields, it should work.

    If you come across any problems, let me know and i'll try and sort it out for you.
    12-15-09 07:40 AM
  6. anon(767240)'s Avatar
    first prob, i did not see the bluetooth DUn option. there is only bluetooth.
    12-15-09 07:42 AM
  7. ant.7ran's Avatar
    Yea that should be fine.
    12-15-09 07:43 AM
  8. anon(767240)'s Avatar
    error says could not open communication device.
    12-15-09 07:49 AM
  9. ant.7ran's Avatar
    Is this when you click on connect?
    12-15-09 07:50 AM
  10. anon(767240)'s Avatar
    yes ant.7ran
    12-15-09 07:50 AM
  11. ant.7ran's Avatar
    Check if Bluetooth is on both the device and on the mac.
    Make sure they are authorized to communicate with each other.

    On the Mac goto: System Preferences > Bluetooth > Highlight the Blackberry Device.
    Please tell me what is written in the "Services" list.

    Click on "Advanced..." > Is there anything written in the box at the bottom?
    12-15-09 07:56 AM
  12. anon(767240)'s Avatar
    they have been paired as instructed.i dont see services. theres one item in a box at the bottom that says bluetooth pda sync.
    12-15-09 08:00 AM
  13. ant.7ran's Avatar
    Hmm I'm not to sure what the problem is.

    Do you have a USB cable for you BB?
    We'll try tethering via USB to see if that works, incase it's a bluetooth problem.
    If you connect it to you mac via USB and then goto System Preferences > Network.
    The mac should recognise the BB and make a new Service called "RIM Composite Device".

    Input the information like you did for the bluetooth set up and test it again.
    12-15-09 08:07 AM
  14. ekk20's Avatar
    lovely! Thanks!
    12-15-09 08:51 AM