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    I've setup my Blackberry Curve (AT&T) to use my Gmail account. I use Mac Mail with the same Gmail account.

    When I open Mac Mail and begin typing a message, my Blackberry buzzes with a new email every minute or so. This new email is the message that I am typing on Mac Mail. It'll continue to send another copy to my Blackberry until I send it. Is there any way to stop this?

    Also, is there any way to do a true IMAP where if I send a message via the Blackberry or just read an incoming message that it will update on Mac Mail when I open it?

    Also, also, I've setup Gmail to mark many emails as read (newsletters and things I want to receive but not annoy me with a new email) but the Blackberry doesn't recognize.
    10-18-08 11:50 AM
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    I'm having the same issue. you're not alone.
    10-19-08 09:25 AM
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    I'm not sure about the Mail app sending your composing email to your BB, that is bizarre.

    The IMAP issue should be able to be resolved by logging into your Google account and changing it to IMAP. You are going to find some limitations using any third party app unless you want to spring for a hosted BES service. I think when you switch to IMAP, a lot of your problems might go away.
    10-19-08 11:35 AM
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    Sounds to me like Apple Mail is confusing your Drafts folder with your Inbox folder. But that would really only make sense if your account is set up with IMAP. If you have set it up, you may have done so incorrectly. I would remove the account from your computer, and try again, following these instructions.

    Blackberry IMAP with Gmail is awesome, by the way. I run 3 different Gmail IMAP accounts on my 8310, and I love it. If you set them up correctly (Link to instructions here), it will give you the functionality you are looking for. Anything read on your BB will show up as read on both Gmail, and Apple Mail. What you will not get, however, is synchronization from gmail / apple mail to your BB. This is what people have issues with in terms of the Imap support for BB. Synchronization is great from the BB to the server, but nonexistent from the server to the BB. Sent messages from your BB will also show up in your apple mail if done this way, but messages sent from your Gmail account or Apple mail will not show up on your BB.


    Also, in terms of the filters you have set up for newsletters, have the filter archive them, and slap a label on them. Then, they won't show up in your inbox (or your BB), but will still be available through Apple Mail, or the Gmail site.
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    10-20-08 03:38 PM