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    I'd previously tried PocketMac, and gave up due to continuous duplication issues after much wrestling, and then later Missing Sync for BlackBerry with great success.

    1. "Error: Contact Updated Externally" as discussed in that thread. I have not tried the work-around listed there.

    2. I could not update my 8900 until I wiped it first, I presume it did not like some 3rd party application or utility I was using but don't really know what the culprit was. After I wiped it, then I was able to update the BlackBerry system right from BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac without issue.

    3. Syncing is strange. I works, sort-of, in that if I leave my BlackBerry connected to my Mac, I can sync and re-sync over and over without issues. However, if I disconnect it and then reconnect, even immediately after disconnecting, every time it says "The service for your device's Address Book has changed." with options to "Replace device data", "Merge data", and "Disable Contacts sync". I choose replace, and it also happens with the Calendar.

    I don't know what may be doing this, I've kept my BlackBerry clean of 3rd party software this time but I have loaded it with all the IM clients and Facebook.

    My Mac is connected to an Exchange server (Exchange support in Snow Leopard is amazing) for Address Book/iCal/Mail, a Google account (although not syncing the Address Book there) for iCal/Mail, and has two local iCal calendars and an extensive Address Book. BlackBerry Desktop Manager seems to be ok with all this, as everything across Exchange/Google/"On My Mac" does make it to the BlackBerry.

    4. With every launch of BlackBerry Desktop Manager, it remembers most of the settings I used, except a couple of important ones. Specifically, it always defaults to sync "All events" in the Calendar instead of the "Only events x days prior and y days after" that is what I actually want, and defaults to sync "All tasks" in Tasks instead of "Only uncompleted tasks".
    09-16-09 03:12 PM