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    Know my mac (which ran perfectly fine before I installed Missing Sync for BlackBerry) has been giving me a Black Screen of death CONSTANTLY. I ran Disk Utility and verified the disk, ran Tech Tools Pro and there are no hardware failures so its a software issue. I was able to boot into safe mode and deleted the files in the user/libraries/application support that had anything to do with Missing Sync (as the uninstall app did not do the job). At the moment my Mac is able to boot without the black screen of death but this may change.Tried to go back to PocketMac but not even that will work correctly know.

    I like my BlackBerry but sad to say that nothing reliable in terms of syncing software seems to exist for it. The older Palm OS device was more reliable. I have given thought to getting my Zire 72 repaired and using that as my primary PDA and the BB as just a phone/email/web machine, but that would be a an inconvenience. However I cant remember ever have much of a problem with the Palm OS devices in terms of syncing in my many years of using them.

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    PS- Missing Sync has a number of wonderful features, but it has been very very unreliable sadly.
    01-28-10 04:29 AM