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    Bold 9700, OS
    OSX Lion, DM 2.1.2

    I have 1 annoying issue. Every time I initiate sync via DM, the birthday date changes by 1 day, and messed up the MAC & BB address book birthday entry. I can't remember all my contacts' birthdate, and I rely on my BB to do that for me.

    I've been embarrassed a few times after wishing my friends "Happy birthday" 1 week in advance!

    Anyone can help me with a solution?

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    08-31-11 11:47 AM
  2. micchie's Avatar
    I'm also facing exactly same problem. I set the start of the day and end of the day to 1am and 11pm, respectively, in both Mac & BB. I tried with changing them, but got the same results. Any idea?
    09-04-11 04:29 AM
  3. netbeans's Avatar
    I've tried so many options and workaround suggested by friends from supportforums.blackberry.com forum, but not 1 seems to be working. It is extremely frustrating.
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    09-04-11 04:40 AM
  4. funkymothers's Avatar
    I've been having the exact same issue - although I thought it was working fine for a while since I went through the address book and put them all back again. Now, however, I just have a cluster of entries - some on the correct date and some on the day before.
    09-30-11 03:19 PM
  5. B-Plus's Avatar
    I believe this may be similar to the issue I'm having. Any all day appointments I create on my iPad show up the day before on my blackberry. This is after syncing without any problems to my iMac iCal. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?Please let me know if I should start a new thread.

    I'm using an iPad 2 and a bold 9780. I checked that all the timezones and regional settings are correct on the iPad.
    10-03-11 06:42 PM
  6. BunniesBerry's Avatar
    I have only 3 specific birthdays that do this. Every other birthday shows up as an all day event on the correct day. If for any reason the birthdays in my calendar get messed up and I have to resync everything these particular 3 always end up starting at like 5am the day of and end 5am the day after. It's not too much of a hassle since it's always the same 3 and I'm starting to get the hang of syncing to a point where I don't have the same issues that I used to but if there is a way to fix it I'd love to know!
    10-10-11 05:23 PM
  7. eldragon_5's Avatar
    i have the same problem.. how to fix this problem that change every birthday day?
    10-14-11 03:33 PM
  8. bangkuo's Avatar
    I have the same problem 2.
    So does anyone have solution for long term resolve?
    10-17-11 08:49 PM
  9. ricecube's Avatar
    I'm glad I did a search on this topic. I have the same problem with birthdays appearing in Ical on the correct day and again the day after. It's not all entries that's doing this. I just upgraded to the Bold 9900 and didn't sync my calendar because of this problem. I'd like to solve this problem before I import my calendar back to my device. I wonder if this is an issue with Blackberry or with Ical?
    01-02-12 02:30 AM
  10. nitingoyal's Avatar
    I have this problem too...anybody got a solution ?
    09-07-12 02:11 AM
  11. Branta's Avatar
    The problem is almost certainly due to a mismatch between system clocks, time zones, and the zones for which calendar events were configured. One of the systems is probably living on a different time zone, and an adjustment is made to shift the appointments to a different zone in the sync process. 00:01 (just after midnight) Tokyo time is 16:01 previous day in UK, 11:01 previous day on US east coast, and 08:01 US west coast.
    09-09-12 02:57 PM
  12. PHughes's Avatar
    This is the thing I hate the most about the way Blackberry implements the calendar application. I travel worldwide but I don't want my calendar display to change based on what time zone I am in. If I put an appointment in for March 1, I want it to show March 1, regardless of what time zone I am in at the moment. Most of my entries are all day events, so they change. This makes it difficult for me to quickly discern what dates I have open at a glance. I really wish they would give an option to turn off this "feature."

    A lot of my appointments were being changed lately, because Blackberry, was adjusting the appointments based on the upcoming time change for the end of daylight saving time. Most annoying.
    11-04-12 11:09 AM