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    Five Ways to Become a Mac Minimalist

    I found this on stumbleupon a few days ago and at first it seemed like a dumb idea. reguardless i liked the page, cause it was about macs (you get it if you know how stumbleupon works). later, i went through my liked pages and i clicked on it again, and it progressively got more and more attractive to me. But, i wasnt on the mac computer at the time, and didnt really feel like going to get it, so I minimalized (?) my school laptop. (picture attached).

    The program for the mac-like start bar is called Rocketdock. it is completely free. About RocketDock - RocketDock.com

    Also, to get rid of all icons on the desktop, right click anywhere, go to "Arrange Icons by" and uncheck "show desktop icons"

    lastly, i put the start bar on the side and set it to hide when im not close to it.

    i also have attached my background if you like it, a lot of people say its interesting.

    im not asking any kind of question here, i just thought this would be a good idea to share this webpage with anyone here, cause im guessing many of you will like the idea.
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