1. joshmat's Avatar
    I got my phone a bit ago, took a few pictures and then plugged in the blackberry (pearl) to my macbook pro. Turned on mass storage and tried to copy the files from the sd card to my mac. It copied a couple of files and then boom...killed my blackberry. I got an insufficient priveleges message on my mac but that was after the bberry was dead. It copied a couple of files though. I then tried to copy one file after that and that worked, tried a couple more, that worked, tried a couple more....boom another bberry crash...

    Any ideas? I'm using an iphone theme...maybe that has something to do with it.
    07-28-08 01:31 PM
  2. brunson's Avatar
    I was excited to see someone with the same problem as me, but disappointed that no one else has responded. I'm having the same behavior under both Mac OS X and Linux.

    I'll keep looking, if I find a solution I'll post back.
    11-09-08 01:26 PM