1. tjaero#CB's Avatar
    I was having problems like most on here with the "Check Modem Settings" error when trying to tether over bluetooth.

    Here's what I did to fix it:

    After pairing your device and experiencing the problem, go to the BB and open media player. Hit the menu key and go to "Receive using Bluetooth". It should display "Waiting for Connection..." Open Bluetooth preferences on the mac and click on the BlackBerry in the section on the left tab. Click the gear below the list on the left and click "Configure this Device..." which will rerun the configuration wizard. Follow the wizard and it should allow you to input the brand and model of the modem as well as the username and password now (it probably didn't before...). select "au by KDDI" and "CDMAone Bluetooth". leave username and password blank and use #777 for the number. save everything and try to connect. voila! it should now connect.
    07-27-09 06:26 PM