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    The first time you synch BB to MAC the new software for BB says best to overwrite BB with MAC address book data to prevent duplicates. That requires going through the two devices one contact at a time to make sure that all the data on the BB is also on the MAC, and to make sure that all contacts on BB are also on MAC (big job!). The fields in MAC address book are fewer in that in BB and it is not clear that the new field feature in MAC address book will create fields that are mapped to the BB fields in a synch.

    Anyone know more about the matter and how to efficiently and safely do the synch?
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    10-03-09 12:43 PM
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    I have read elsewhere that when you sync (select merge) when a duplicate contact shows up you are given the option of which to select...I have not actually done this...again what I read in another post. Perhaps it is better not to overwrite the BB and try merge?
    10-03-09 12:49 PM
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    Statman -- Thanks

    When you do the contact sync you are given two choices: MERGE all data or REPLACE BB data with MAC data. There is no one-way BB to MAC option.

    The merge has two problems: (1) you have to go through, in my case, hundreds of duplicate contacts, that still leaves you with a manual search, compare and manual sync (hardly automatic!), and (2) we don't know if the extra fields in BB will be created on the duplicate records in MAC, and (3) if the BB extra fields are not written to the MAC, we are left with the task of manually searching out duplicates on the tiny BB screen, comparing to see which is good and which is bad, then tediously deleting the duplicates from MAC (if we are lucky enough that the software did not mess up the original BB records.

    The replace all BB with MAC records, is a simple non-starter for me and some others who have far more data on BB than on MAC

    The absence of a one-way from BB to MAC is a terrible shame.

    I value my data and my time far too much to trust in the software and to exepriment with precious data, but I need to migrate off of my PC's to a single MAC and BB platform.

    Of course, with an iPhone I'd have fewer sync problems, phone to computer, but then I would not have the phone I want, and I'd still have the problem of migrating data from BB to iphone.

    I really don't think RIM did a good job of thinking this new software through from a use perspective.
    10-03-09 01:59 PM
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    The problem may be the inability for RIM to integrate into Mac software which is why it is one way...but that is just a hypothesis. To be honest I did one dump of my mac address book onto my BB when I first got it and never again....I do manually update the BB as it is easier than starting over with 100s of contacts.
    10-03-09 09:01 PM